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Please complete the below registration link prior to arriving at tryouts

Heat Fall Tryout Dates - Ages 14 & under -10/6 & 10/7 Ages 15-18 - 11/10 & 11/11. Link above in Red

We will be having the following teams this season:   2-12s teams, 2-13s teams, 2-14s teams, 2-15s teams, 1-16s team, 1-17s team and 1-18s team.   So excited! 

14 & Under - Saturday, October 6th & Sunday, October 7th - see below.

  • 12s and under division - Saturday, October 6th - 1:30 - 4pm. Players who were born on or after September 1st, 2006.  (Girls  ages 9-12 grades 4th, 5th & 6th)
  • 13s and under division - Saturday, October 6th - 4:30-7:30pm. Players who were born on or after September 1st, 2005 (Girls 7th grade)
  • 14s and under division - Sunday, October 7th - 1pm-4pm. Players who were born on or after September 1st, 2004 (Girls 8th grade)

15s, 16s, 17s & 18s - Saturday, November 10th & Sunday, November 11th - see below.

  • 15s and under division - Sunday, November 11th.  1:30-4:30pm. Players who were born on or after September 1st, 2003  (Girls in 9th grade)
  • 16s and under division - Saturday, November 10th 3-5pm Players who were born on or after September 1st, 2002 (Girls in 10th grade)
  • 17s, 18s and under division - Saturday, November 10th 5:30-7:30pm Players who were born on or after September 1st, 2001 (Girls in 11th & 12th grade)

Parent & Player Meeting - Heat Accepted Offer Teams 12U - 14U


Pick the date that works best for you:

Wednesday, October 17th and Friday, October 19th - 6pm-7:30pm @ Scheels - Fox River Mall (conference room)

12s, 13s and 14s Offer update


Last updated Wednesday, October 17th @ 12noon

Team  Offers Accepted Offers on Hold Left Message   
12 Red 9 0    
12 Black 7 1    
13 Red 9 0 2  
13 Black 10 0 1  
14 Red 9 0 1  
14 Black  10 0    



For more information see "Questions Answered" tab above

In order for your daughter to tryout, she needs a $10 Badger Region Tryout Membership, read here:

If you have a question about Membership & Registration, check out these quick links.

About a Badger Region/USAV Membership
Membership Options
Register with Badger Region/USAV
New Member Registration Instructions
Renewing Your Membership Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions
We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding Webpoint registration with Badger Region/USAV. If you still can’t find the answer to your question, contact and including the member’s name and birth date with your inquiry.

Q1: Since I’m paying this Badger Region/USAV membership fee, I don’t need to pay for tryouts, right?
A: Wrong. Each club establishes their own tryout fee, and you must pay this to each club you tryout for or each tune-up clinic you participate in. The clubs use this tryout fee to cover gym rentals, t-shirts, coaches, etc. Additional club dues will also be applicable to each club. Each club is run as an independent business under the rules and regulations of Badger Region Volleyball. Please contact the individual club for questions relating to their fees.

Q 2: Well then what am I paying this for?
A: This is your membership to Badger Region/USA Volleyball. Membership benefits include access to all regionally and nationally-sanctioned events, secondary insurance coverage, regional and nationals rules, regulations and guidelines put in place to protect the sport and individuals (including background screenings for every adult that is affiliated with a junior program), access to regional and national high performance programs and many other benefits.

Q3: Which membership do I choose?
A: If you are an adult and will be participating with a junior program or acting as an official, you must choose the full adult membership. If you are in college, you may choose the reduced-fee collegiate membership, but the Badger Region office may verify enrollment at any time. Check out our complete listing of adult membership options.

If you are a parent, and you are certain your child will make a junior team somewhere in your area, select the full junior membership option. This is the required membership for anyone playing on a regionally or nationally competitive team. If you are uncertain whether your child will be making a team, it is best to do the $10 Tryout Membership. This membership is good for five dates (i.e. three different tryouts on the same Saturday count as one date). After your child has been selected for a team, log back into Webpoint and select “Renew Online” at left. Follow the process like before, this time choosing the Upgrade membership. You will not be monetarily penalized for first selecting the tryout membership (the total still equals the cost of a full junior membership). The $10 one-event membership is for those who don’t have a full junior membership and to be used for tune-up clinics only. Check out our complete listing of junior membership options.

Q4: Why shouldn’t I select a club when registering my child?
A: Sorry to yell, but it’s important: PICKING A CLUB WITHIN THE REGISTRATION PROCESS DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU WILL BE SELECTED TO THAT CLUB. You should select “Undecided.” Once your child is offered and accepts an offer from a specific club, you will go back in and select the correct club. Once you select a club, you cannot change this in the system, the region office must do this. Again, choosing a club during the registration process does not mean that your child will become a member of this club.

Q5: I selected the $10 tryout membership, but my information from last year is still on the card and/or I’m not getting the “Print Membership Card” link. It also says my membership is still “Pending” when I know I renewed it. Why?
A: Because the tryout membership is a limited membership, it will only show “Current” during the valid times of Oct. 1 – Nov. 30. If you print out your membership card prior to that, it will show “Pending” or you will not even get the link to print your card. Technically the membership season runs from Sept. 1 – Oct. 31 of the following year (i.e. Sept. 1, 2017 to Oct. 31, 2018). Because you are technically still a member of your old club until Oct. 31, your old information will be there until your new information kicks in on Oct. 1 if you chose the tryout membership. If you pick the full junior membership, your information will automatically be renewed as soon as you pay. On Oct. 1, you will be able to print out your membership card if you have a tryout membership. If you are required to mail in a copy of your membership card prior to Oct. 1 to register for tryouts, a copy of the email confirmation you received when you registered will work just fine. The club directors are aware of this.

Q6: How do I print my membership card?
A: Click here and enter your existing log-in information. Once logged in, click on the “Print Membership Card” link on the left. If you have an unpaid membership, you will not get this link. Your membership must be paid in order to print a membership card. If you have a tryout membership and it is prior to Oct. 1, you will not be able to print the membership card. Please see Q5 for more information on this.

Q7: It says that I need to register with USAV, but you’re Badger Region?
A: Badger Region is one of the 40 Regional Volleyball Associations (RVA) of USA Volleyball, so essentially we’re the Wisconsin Chapter. If you register with us, you’re registering with them!

Q8: I have a question about (insert a specific club’s tryout or tune-up clinic here)?
A: Each club within Badger Region is run independently. For information on each club’s tryout, tune-up clinics and other information, visit their website. To check out our complete list of region-affiliated girls clubs, click here. For boys clubs, click here.

Q9: How do I upgrade my membership to a full membership now that I/my child has made a team?
A: Click here and enter your existing log-in information. Once logged in, click the “Renew Membership” option on the left. Complete the registration process again, this time selecting the $40 upgrade membership. You should also choose the club (drop down menu on the “Member Profile” page) that you have accepted an offer with.

Q10: How do I change from Undecided to a club?
A: Click here and enter your existing log-in information. Once logged in, click on “Member Profile” on the left and then choose the “Main Info” tab on the left. Once on this page, choose a club from the drop-down menu in the right column, then click “Edit Contact Info” at the bottom of the page. If you have a tryout membership, you must upgrade to a full membership and you can choose a club during that process. If you are using a 2017 membership that is still active, you must purchase a new full membership, selecting your club during the process. Need more? If you need help upgrading your membership or choosing a club in Webpoint, click here for instructions.

Q11: I have two children? Can we link account?
A: The answer to this in “No.” The reason being is that EVERY member of USAV/Badger Region must have their own login and password. This is so that USAV/Badger Region can track which roster they are on, which certifications they have (coaching/officiating/etc.) and allow them to pick their clubs individually. Webpoint can do lots of great things, but linking accounts is not one of them. Parents, you must log out of one account to log in to another. Make sure that each child has a UNIQUE username and password that one day they will inherit when they become adult players, coaches and officials.


You may only choose a club once. If you choose the wrong club, you must contact in order to get this changed. Please include the member’s name and birthday. If this club change occurs after the tryout period has started, the Badger Region must contact the current club director to ensure that the member has not already accepted an offer, per the Badger Region Tryout Policy.

If you still have a question, please contact us at and we’ll help you out!

Tryout location:Tryout registration will stay open until 11/9 for 15 and over.

Immanuel Lutheran School - Greenville - W7265 School Rd Greenville WI * Go to gym entrance on south side of school next to the playground. 


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