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It's May already?  Good bye winter, hello Spring! It's time to sign up for Heat's summer camps before they fill up!

Ages: Boys & Girls, please have your parents register based on the grade you are going into this fall.  4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th.  (all players K-3rd grade, keep an eye on our website for our Volley Seeds summer camp registration)

Heat Volleyball Summer Camp

Location: Community First Champion Center - 5000 W Champion Drive Appleton

1st day of camp, check-in is in the lobby.  Summer camp takes place in the Field House, players only. * must pre-register via following the below link prior to check-in

Dates:  Choose June, July or both at registration

* All summer camps are open to 4th-12th grade boys & girls.  We will be running all ages at the same time in different parts of the 8 court gym.

June 7th, 8th, 9th (Tue, Wed, Th) 1pm-3pm

July 18th, 20th, 21st (Mon, Wed, Th *Not Tuesday) 5pm-7pm

Must pre-register here before day of camp check in -


Heat Volleyball Club's mission is to create a space for athletes of all skill levels and economic backgrounds to play the sport that they love and to foster growth as both athletes and individuals. 

Heat Volleyball Club is a Non-Profit Organization since 2021!


If the financial cost of supporting an athlete is a concern to you or your family, we offer financial aid programs to assist you. Please reach out to our Parent and Player Advocate Committee Lead, Trisha Voigt. 

Board Member
Parent and Player Advocate Committee Lead



  • Information about team photos
  • Information about Fundraising Events and Opportunities
  • Links to upcoming informational sessions

Not interested in travel volleyball? Check out our rec league option!

If your player is not interested in club volleyball or doesn't have room in their busy schedule for the time  commitment club volleyball requires, but still wants to get out on the court, check our Fire League! Our Fire League is similar to a rec league, helping players get extra coaching and touches during the off season with less of a time commitment than club volleyball.  The league is available to Boys & Girls 4th-12th grade.  Want to learn more about Heat's Fire League?

Join us for 1 of 2 informational meetings: Wednesday, October 20th or Tuesday, November 23rd from 6-6:30pm. Follow this link for details:

Jodi Bunks

Have Questions about tryouts? Reach out to Jodi Bunks

Phone: 920-931-5911


Being new to club volleyball can be confusing so we are sharing several pieces of information from the Badger Region website that should help answer your questions. Click here to get your $15.00 Badger Junior Summer Membership

In an organizational format, HEAT Volleyball reports to Badger Region Volleyball and Badger Region reports to the United States Volleyball Association (USVA)/US Olympic Committee.  Badger Region Represents all volleyball clubs in Wisconsin.

What is Badger Region Volleyball Association (BRVA) and why do I have to pay a fee and be a member?

Badger Region Volleyball Association is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to providing a high-quality volleyball experience to their members. The BRVA region is one of the 40 regions of USA Volleyball, which is recognized by the United States Olympic Committee as the National Governing Body of volleyball in the United States.

Essentially, Badger Region Volleyball Association is the Wisconsin chapter of USA Volleyball and the premier volleyball authority in the state. Whether you are a junior player or an adult, an official or a fan, a parent or a coach, we believe our organization can provide you with a high-quality experience in the volleyball world.

Badger Region Volleyball Association provides a wide variety of services to their membership as they strive to achieve their mission and implement their vision. BRVA constantly strives to improve their region and services through dialogue and feedback with our membership.

- BRVA provides a framework of rules and regulations in which players, coaches, teams, club directors and officials function.

- BRVA provides policies and guidelines to safeguard their players, coaches, teams, club directors, officials and parents.

- BRVA provides educational opportunities for players, coaches, club directors and officials.

- BRVA provides competition opportunities for players, coaches and teams.

- BRVA provides grassroots programming and engagement to develop a new understanding and love of the sport.

- BRVA provides a platform for interaction with volleyball enthusiasts on both the regional and national levels around the country to share ideas and network.

- BRVA provides a safe and healthy environment for young players to develop through rules, regulations and resources. Read more about SafeSport at this link.

- BRVA carries insurance for the club which is able to be used if a player is injured at a Badger Region sanctioned event.  Your membership fee covers the cost of this insurance along with all other benefits listed above. 

Please send mail to:

Heat VBC

Po Box 93 Greenville WI, 54942

Jodi Bunks

Have Questions about tryouts? Reach out to Jodi Bunks

Phone: 920-931-5911


How to obtain a required USA Volleyball Membership that is needed for October or November Club tryouts?

New to Club Volleyball?

Badger Region/USA Volleyball knows that navigating the club volleyball world can be a bit daunting at times. We’ve developed a guide to aid you!

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