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Co-ed Fire League

Heat's Fire League

Why should my son or daughter join  Heat's Fire League?

  • Did your child try out for a club team but didn't receive an offer?  Worse yet, did you miss tryouts and now have to redeem yourself as a cool parent?  There is still an opportunity for you to score epic points with your 4th-12th grade son or daughter and get yourself back in the running for the "2023 Parent of the Year" award!  
  • Great opportunity for multi-sport athletes who are not interested in traveling volleyball club team commitment.
  • Less costly than travel club team volleyball.
  • Great way for your player to meet new friends from different schools.

How? Sign them up for Heat's Fire League, it's like a rec league.  It will give them 2 hours per week of working out, fine-tuning their volleyball skills, having fun, and in-person communication (not to mention will give their hand an opportunity to detach from their phone for a bit).  ;)

How do I know if Heat's Fire League is right for my child?  If your child has played some volleyball or hasn't played at all, this is a perfect opportunity for them.  Heat's  Fire League only meets for 2 hours per week.  (so if they also play basketball, this schedule can still work as we offer many different days of the week and times) This league is only for girls and boys who are not playing on a traveling club team currently.  (We want to give as many youth in the Fox Valley area the opportunity to play as possible). 

Can my child just sign up by themselves or do we need to already have a team formed? You do not have to have a team to sign up.  Teams will be formed based on practice availability and not skill.  As long as there is still room during that time slot/day of the week, all are welcome to sign up based on the corresponding grade level, see below. (we will max at 14 players per time slot.  Please choose your registration carefully as we will not be moving players around after they have registered.  We will only be able to remove them.)


Cost: Cost is only _____ per week (2 hours of practice) Must commit for all weeks through the end of March.  Full payment is due at registration.   Starting in February - end of March, teams will be given a scrimmage schedule.  All scrimmages will take place on Friday & Sunday evenings at Community First Champion Center.  These scrimmages come at no cost and are not required for the player to attend.  However, we strongly encourage players to attend their team's scrimmages between February 1st - March 31st to practice the skills they've learned and have fun with their team!  Parents are invited to come and watch!


Fire League registration now open for 4th-6th, 7th-8th and 9th-12th Grades


Fire League Registration - More 4th-6th grade, 7th-8th grade beginner and 7th-8th grade advanced were added and are open to the public.  We have gotten through the remainder of our waiting list.  Check out our openings and tell others please!

Active Registration link 4th-6th, 7th-8th grade boys and girls.


All of our 9th-12th Grade teams are considered to be at Advanced Level.  All of our teams are coed. 


Not seeing an opening that works for your 9th-12th grade son or daughter?  Feel free to add to our waiting list.


Registration link for 9th-12th Graders:

Available openings:

Team 26 - SOLD OUT

Team 21 - SOLD OUT

Team 18 - SOLD OUT

Team 28 - SOLD OUT



I have space to add a couple of more teams.  If interested in Coaching, please complete the form below.

Coach interest Form:


Thanks for considering,

Kim Lee

Heat VBC - Club President 



9th-12th grade girls & boys only 

Due to limited interest last year for beginner at this age level, we are only opening up for advanced 9th-12th for our 2023-2024 Season.  This level is  ideal for a player who has been in rec league for a couple of years or travel club for 1+ years and can: consistently serve over hand over the net and in play, have the basic skills of the game down and a great understanding of the rules of the game.  This player is ready to learn specific position and skill play, this player is probably already comfortable with a 6:2 or 5:1 rotation, positions defense, blocking, etc.


Where do I go to get a USA/Badger Region Membership?

Membership in BRVA is required for you to tryout and play for HEAT Volleyball and Badger Region. 

Visit the About Registration page to learn more about this memberships.  You can also visit the BRVA Membership Option page to understand how to choose what membership you are required to have.

I have decided I need to join BRVA so that my daughter is able to attend club volleyball tryouts. How do I complete this registration? 

This registration system is owned and supported by BRVA, not HEAT Volleyball.  Please visit the Register for Badger Region USVA if this is your first time. Remember to write down your user name and password because you will need to use it again. 

You can visit that same link if you are a renewing member.  It will walk you through everything and provides contact information if you are having problems with the registration software.  You can also visit the Registration Instruction page for details that you will need.

Fire League - For non-"club team" players only (no travel, it's like a rec league)

HEAT'S Co-Ed Fire LEAGUE - 4th - 12th grade 


We are building co-ed teams this 2023-2024 season!

Thank you for your interest in Heat’s Rec League.  We will be forming co-ed teams of: 4th-6th grade girls & boys, 7th-9th grade girls & boys and  9th-12th grade girls & boys. 

If you are interested in your son or daughter being placed on a rec league team/Fire League, please confirm that you agree to the below requirements prior to completing the registration link.

Heat VBC will provide 1 Head Coach for each team.  The Head Coach will have met all requirements set by Badger Region/USA Volleyball to include: Badger Region Membership, completed background check, Impact and SafeSport certifications. 

Qualified Player requirements and commitment:

  • All registered Fire League players must have a current Badger Region/USA Volleyball Membership.  If your child did not try out for Club, the full amount is $55.00 for the season.  If they did tryout for club, some memberships are upgradeable.  Heat does not receive any of the money from this membership.  This membership is simply required from a liability standpoint.  
  • When you sign your son or daughter up for a Fire League team, you are committing to this practice time/day of the week through end of March (when the Fire League concludes for the season).   No player movement will be done by Heat from team to team.  Be careful to register for the time that you are intending to.  Heat will only be able to assist with player registration removal, not team to team movement.
  • Full payment at time of registration is required.  Total up front is listed next to each session at the end of this page. 
  • If a practice is canceled by the facility or due to weather, a make-up date will not be scheduled and no practice payback will be allotted. (due to the fact that Heat is not charging for any of the scrimmage time between Feb-March.   If the practice or season is cancelled due to any reason, prorated reimbursement from the last practice through end of season will be paid to each player.  ***There will be no payment reimbursement if the player simply couldn’t attend practice.  When you register for Heat's Fire League, you are committing to the season.
  • Your son/daughter must fit into the grade requirements as stated. 
  • Your son/daughter will be placed on a team with other players based on practice availability and not on skill level.  Players who are interested only need to register, their skills are not assessed. 
  • The purpose of this league is to provide a healthy positive environment where girls and boys who are not on a Club volleyball team can come together.  
  • Commitment is once per week for 2 hours to practice and scrimmages for 1 hour on Fridays towards the end of March.  
  • Full payment is due at time of registration.   
  • If your child is already on a club team with any volleyball club, they are not allowed to be on a practice league team, sorry.  We want as many youth in the Fox Valley the opportunity to play the sport of volleyball.  Being on 2 teams takes away the opportunity from another.
  • Within 2-3 weeks of your player's first practice, our Fire League Coordinator, Sarah G, will send you a welcome and first day instruction email to include Coach introduction.
  • Please note, your son/daughter will receive a team t-shirt for free as part of their registration.  They will not be receiving a jersey to play in and will not be traveling to regional club tournaments. 
  • This league is simply a fun recreational league. 
  • All 1 hour scrimmages will take place at Community First Champion Center on Fridays between February and March between 5-7pm for 4th-6th graders, 7-9pm for 9th-12th graders and 5-9pm for 7th-8th graders.  Each team will be given 4 to 6  1 hour scrimmage times.  Schedule will be released toward end of January.

Practice(s) & Games: 

  • Practices will be held once per week for 2 hours.  The first half of the season will focus on basic skills, the 2nd half of the season will include other Fire League team scrimmages. 
  • Parents will be allowed to watch all scrimmages taking place at Community First Champion Center.


  • Only players listed on the team roster maintained by Heat’s Fire League Manager, Kim Lee, are eligible to participate in practices and games. Guest players and/or parents are not authorized at any time or under any circumstances to be on the gym floor. 
  • Additional players may be added to the official roster at any time as long as the player has pre-registered with Heat and the team roster doesn’t exceed 14 players. 

Payment Requirements: 

  • Payment Reimbursement rules: No reimbursements will be issued for any reason that pertains to the player not being able to attend practice.  
  • Reimbursements will only be issued if a cancelled practice is due to: COVID and all practices cancelled for the remainder of the season.  
  • All players should be kept at home if not feeling well.


When you sign your son or daughter up for a Practice League team, you are committing to this practice time/day of the week through end of March (when the Practice League concludes for the season). 

Total cost is due at registration. Cost is listed below next to each registration. If practice is canceled due to restrictions, prorated payback will take place for the practices that weren’t held.  However, there will be no payment reimbursement if the player simply couldn’t attend practice.  

Payments: Each registrant will have to pay in full at time of registration.   _____ per week, please find below cost per each team based on # of weeks of practice.

Payments are all made online via the registration link.  



7th-8th grade girls and boys only - please note there are "Advanced" teams this year vs "Beginner" teams. 


It is in your players best interest to ensure you are registering them for the skill that best matches their current ability.


Beginner - Basic skills of volleyball our taught to include serving overhand and in play consistently, passing the ball to target, setting, hitting, basic team rotation.


Advanced - Ideal for a player who has been in rec league for a couple of years or travel club for 1+ years and can: consistently serve over hand over the net and in play, have the basic skills of the game down and a great understanding of the rules of the game.  This player is ready to learn specific position and skill play, 6:2 or 5:1 rotation, blocking, etc.