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Fire League Parents

Email sent to Fire League Parents on 1.13.23

Hello Heat Fire League Parents, Players and Coaches,

Within this email you can find a link to: 1) Order Fire League fan apparel, (please note the store will only be open for 5 days), a link to share if you are interested in professional pictures for your player, and finally the scrimmage schedule.


1. Scrimmage Schedule - I’m excited to share that I met the deadline of mid-January to send out the scrimmage schedule which I shared during the pre-season parent meetings, yahoo!  Please find the scrimmage schedule here.  If your player will not be able to attend a scrimmage, please let Coach know so they can plan appropriately. 

  • 4th-6th grade parents, all of your player’s scrimmages are taking place between 5-6pm from February 24th – March 31st.  I did not color code your schedule. 
  • 7th-12th grade parents/players, please carefully read through the scrimmage schedule scanning all 3 possible time slots 6-7pm, 7pm-8pm and 8-9pm on Fridays from February 24th – March 31st.  I did color code each team’s schedule so your eyes could find them a bit better.
  • Scrimmage team t-shirts are ordered and the goal is that each team will receive them prior to their first scrimmage.


2. Fire League fan apparel – This is an optional ordering opportunity for parents and players to order Heat’s Fire League logo’d apparel should you wish to.  Please don’t delay as the on-line store will close in 5 days.

  • *Coaches, you will each be receiving a team t-shirt and you will receive a separate fan apparel order link from me next week for you to each choose 1 fan apparel item.   


3. Professional picture SurveyPlease use this link to indicate your interest in having individual professional photos taken of your child that would be available for purchase at an additional cost.  The photos would occur at the Champion Center on a Sunday (date yet to be determined in February) most likely between the hours of 7-9 pm.  This survey is to determine if enough parents are interested in this option to pursue. Fire League Photo Interest Survey


4. Heat will be sending out a survey in a couple of weeks to check in and see how Fire League practices are going.  If you have concerns or kudos to share prior to that survey, feel free to reach out to Heat’s Fire League Coaching Manager Shannon Hogan  Starting next week Shannon will be attending team practices over the next couple of months to support Coach and team development. 


Thanks for your time, communication and support,

Kim Lee

Heat VBC

Club President

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Positive Parent Involvement

Parents can play many roles in sport: current or former athlete, coach, fan, motivator, role model or critic. A few studies have shown that family members may influence an athlete’s involvement and achievement in sport more than coaches. Parents also are the first and most critical agents at socializing sports.

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